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It's a well-made game. Three levels which each offer a different level of challenge, I would rate the first two easy, while the third one required retrying. Interesting character designs and otherwise has a nice look to it.

I'd like to invite your game to take part in our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Thank you! Of course,  how do I join?

You can do it here: First you'll have to create a developer account (by selecting "Register", for example) and then you can submit games. Thanks for the interest!

This is great! Lots of UI interactivity, particle effects, game juice - feels good. I hope to see much more.

Thank you a lot! I try to do my best but I still have a lot to learn!


Really nice, UI is amazing, Great Job for first game, Really unique with enemies, and have to get a perfect win to kill all enemies, and the enemies is also a unique idea, Great Job, keep it up!

- J-Rad

Thank you very much! Your comment gave me tons of inspiration!

You're so very welcome! Keep it up bro, you got this!