A downloadable game for Windows

Planet Traveller is a game made in one week for the second BlackThornProd game jam.

The goal of the game is to leave the Earth before deadly meteorite hits it.  To leave the Earth, you have to build yourself a rocket, which you need money for. You establish your own space tourism company to make enough money for the rocket. Will you be able to escape the Earth before the meteorite?


The goal of the game is to make enough money to purchase the escape rocket. You have 60 weeks (5 minutes) to do so. How you make money? By transporting people between two planets.

You transport people by making rocket paths between two planets.

To make a new tourist rocket path,  you first click "New route" button (Shortcut: B) and then select two unlocked planets. A rocket, which will make you money,  will appear 

You can also purchase new planets to make more money.

If you have any questions ask them here in the comments or on Twitter @mystic_mm

Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

When you download the file you have to unzip it. You do that by right clikcing on it and chosing "Extract all" option. You open newly generated folder and run Planet Traveller.exe file.


PlanetTraveller1.1.zip 25 MB


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Really nice game. Played a couple of times before I won.  I found that if I didnt purchase any other planets and built a heap of routes between just 2 of them it was easier to win. There doesn't seem to be any real incentive to buy extra planets. Maybe those routes could get you more money or limit the number of routes between planets? 

Overall though it was nice. Awesome work :)

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I wanted to implement a limit on how much paths has one planet,  but sadly I ran out of time.